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Hiding Boyfriend (Extreme Legs, Foot Legs) - Claire Black (2023 | HD)

Hiding Boyfriend (Extreme Legs, Foot Legs) - Claire Black (2023 | HD)

Download Porn Hiding Boyfriend - Claire Black

Claire Black is supposed to be doing homework, but she's made the mistake of asking you over. As the boyfriend, you aren't allowed to be in her room anyway, but being there with a major assignment due is an even worse idea. Not surprisingly, you aren't thinking about school work. As Claire dangles her bare feet and shows off her sexy soles, you get a massive hard on. Claire's mother hears noise and calls from the other room, so you must be very quiet. Claire knows that as long as you have that huge boner you won't be able to think about anything else. She tells you to just jerk off while she does her homework. You've got a great view and very little time before Claire's mom shows up. Time to spank the monkey!


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