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Mail Order Bride (Amatari Foot, Long legs) - Crystal Rush (2023 | HD)

Mail Order Bride (Amatari Foot, Long legs) - Crystal Rush (2023 | HD)

Duration: 00:13:35 | Quality: HD | Format: MPEG-4 | Size: 838 MB

Download Porn Mail Order Bride - Crystal Rush

Crystal Rush is a mail order bride from Russia. Her new husband knows she's become unhappy with the arrangement and is recording an attempt to reconcile their differences. The man offers a foot massage which an indifferent Crystal accepts. Massaging her feet soon leads into licking and toe sucking. Crystal seems quite surprised and put off as her husband continues to up the ante. Flipping her over, he sucks on her toes from behind becoming so worked up he pulls his cock out. He's soon thrusting his cock between her delicate soles, running his hands all over her ass. This continues for some time before the big finish. Crystal's husband finishes himself off onto her feet while exploring her tender pussy with his fingers. He offers her a paper towel for clean up and she rushes out. It would appear the arrangement won't be working out.

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