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Sunshine (Dirty Wut, Extreme Legs) - Bratty Foot Girls (2023 | FullHD)

Sunshine (Dirty Wut, Extreme Legs) - Bratty Foot Girls (2023 | FullHD)

Duration: 00:15:16 | Quality: FullHD | Format: MPEG-4 | Size: 371 MB

Download Porn Sunshine - Bratty Foot Girls

You were driving home from the big college game between your school and their rivals. Unfortunately your team lost and everyone was in a bad mood. As you're driving you happened to see the head cheerleader of your team walking. You offer her a ride home and she accepts. You can't believe you have Sunshine the hottest girl in class in your car. As you get into her place she is upset that her boyfriend, the teams quarterback angrily stormed off leaving her to walk home. Now she has you there, the class nerd. Not really her type at all, but she is grateful you took her home. Since you're there, she asks if you'll give her a footrub as all that cheering and walking has made her feet awfully sore and sweaty. After you rmeove her shoes you can't help but feel your cock twitch as the smell meets your nose. You have always had a big thing for feet and now you have the teams top cheerleaders socks in your hands, it's turning you on to no end. Sunshine suddenly gets a text from her cheelreding friends that her bf has gone home with another girl and she is furious. She looks at you excited by the smell of her soft bare feet, and wonder show she can get back at him. She doesn't want to fuck you, but maybe, she can get you off with her feet instead. You eagerly agree as she gets you down to your boxers. Her soft soles rub over your cock as you instantly get rock hard. She pulls out your raging boner and softly starts edging your cock with every part of her feet. SHe lubes you up and starts stroking you between her toes, rubbing her meaty soles along your shaft, it's intense but feels so good, you can't believe this is happening as she slowly strokes you into popping a thick white load all over yourself!

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