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Time to Visit Vicky Vixxx Again! (Amatari Foot, Long legs) - Fucked Feet (2023 | FullHD)

Time to Visit Vicky Vixxx Again! (Amatari Foot, Long legs) - Fucked Feet (2023 | FullHD)

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Download Porn Time to Visit Vicky Vixxx Again! - Fucked Feet

Vicky Vixx is back and I was thrilled to work with her again! She really does have exquisite feet. They are absolutely perfect. She has super high arches and extremely wrinkled soles. Her feet look incredible in wedges and of course in my mouth. She was excited to work with me again, too. I LOVE getting footjobs from her. I have her remove her wedges and show you her feet. Just look at those arches and wrinkled soles, I love her toe spreads, too. Next, she oils up her feet and gets them all shiny. Her feet look even more incredible covered in oil! I then lick her bare feet and soles and lick and suck her toes. To finish things off, she is ready to give me a footjob but wants to tease me first as I lick one foot and she teases my cock with the other. She has me pull down more shorts and she gently teases my cock on top of my boxers and even sticking a toe or two inside. I then, can't take this edging anymore and we get into a POV position and she strokes my cock. She uses her fingertips and hands, too. I love how she uses her fingertips to gently play with my balls underneath and she knows I'm ready to burst! After more cock stroking, I finally do all over her soles. She then holds up her drenched feet to the camera and high fives me! What a rush! I'm ready for round three!

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