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Texture Lesson With Ms. Darling FJ/HJ (Legs Sperm, Cum Foot) - Ela Darling (2023 | FullHD)

Texture Lesson With Ms. Darling FJ/HJ (Legs Sperm, Cum Foot) - Ela Darling (2023 | FullHD)

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Download Porn Texture Lesson With Ms. Darling FJ/HJ - Ela Darling

Ms.Darling just happens to have brought nylon gloves in her purse for this extended after class lesson in textures. Lightly stroking his hard dong; stimulating him even more. Leading on to teasing with a couple dick licks and kisses leaving her red lipstick on his sex stick."Time for a another texture" As she rubs her hands together "How about some lotion?", James could already feel those slippery hand strokes although to his utter surprise, Ms.Darling's mouth lunges at the tip of his penis! "Now I know it's not my hands that you want, I know exactly what you've been staring at. So lets just cut right to the chase huh." Clearing off her desk, laying on her side and making her soles his primary view. All this cock throbbing penis play and now his teachers fabulous soles are in his face. Such slender, shapely soles and that reenforced pantyhose toe from this view just turned the heat up a notch. "Come here and fuck them!" "James I want you to fuck my feet!"Fully torqued and ready for some sole slamming! James gets right in there!After a couple of positions, she adjusts to more comfort in this foot fucking frenzy. Spreading her thighs wide open revealing peaks of her hot spot. Ms.Darling gets into some fancy footwork fully stroking him with her fine feet; Driving James into a state he's never imagined!

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