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Cum On My Feet (Hairy Legs, Coeds Foot) - Blair Woods (2023 | FullHD)

Cum On My Feet (Hairy Legs, Coeds Foot) - Blair Woods (2023 | FullHD)

Duration: 00:08:14 | Quality: FullHD | Format: MPEG-4 | Size: 784 MB

Download Porn Cum On My Feet - Blair Woods

My feet were sore so I asked if you could give me a massage and thankfully you obliged. I lay down right in front of you with my feet right up against you as you begin to cover them with lotion before going in for a gentle massage. A couple of minutes go by of you lovingly massaging my feet and legs before I feel a sense of urgency stir within you. I could tell the view of my ass in your face, and my cute feet in your hands was turning you on so much, so I thought that I would just move my feet down a little so that they grazed against your hard cock. Once I did that there was no turning back and you immediately grabbed ahold of my feet to start fucking them like your personal fuck toy. While you were busy fucking my feet, I decided to spread my little holes to give you a second view to look at just to tease you even more since I know you love staring at my ass. This quickly became too much to handle, so you throw me on my back to fuck my feet a little while longer while I’m caressing my small tits and staring up at you. I could feel the desperation to cum growing inside you so I beg you to just please cover my feet with your cum and you immediately grab my feet and release your huge load all over them. Once you’ve finished, I play with your cum a little and show off how cute it looks on my precious feet and freshly painted nails with my pink pussy also on display.

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