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Jasper (Legs Sperm, Cum Foot) - Jasper Reed (2023 | HD)

Jasper (Legs Sperm, Cum Foot) - Jasper Reed (2023 | HD)

Duration: 00:03:49 | Quality: HD | Format: MPEG-4 | Size: 148 MB

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Rich brat Jasper has been skipping classes and getting in non stop trouble in school. Her Principal has called her in for a chat. He has no choice but to suspend her. She barely pays any attention to him as he rambles on about her misgivings in class and seems distracted. She knows she has him as she brings up that he;s been known to perve on the girls feet around school. She decides to try her own little game and takes off her gym sneakers and socks and wiggles her toes near his face. He cannot control himself as her perfect wide stinky size 8’s are inches from his face. She tells him to go ahead and take a whiff. The smell intoxicates him as she has him under her heel now. She tells him to start licking and worshiping her soles and toes. The more he tastes the more under her spell he gets. She puts one of her feet into his crotch feeling his rock hard cock, and starts rubbing it, he’s completely out of his mind now as she tells him she’ll keep rubbing his dick if he passes all her classes for him, if he;s lucky she’ll let him cum in his pants too.

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