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I want your FEET so bad!! (Bratty Foot, Extreme Feet) - Bratty Foot Girls (2023 | HD)

70532655e0bac/0695.Fort_Lauderdale_Steamy_Footjob_-_Ghostbabeofficial_]I want your FEET so bad!! (Bratty Foot, Extreme Feet) - Bratty Foot Girls (2023 | HD)

Download Porn I want your FEET so bad!! - Bratty Foot Girls

Amethyst is wearing skinny blue jeans and a tight top showing cleavage. Trainers and ankle socks.Dacey walks into Amethysts house, she is Amethysts well known neighbour. Dacey is obsessed with Amethysts feet and has decided today is the day she's having them. Amethyst says hello and asks what a nice surprise it is. Dacey asks if she can borrow a cooking tool from the kitchen and Amethyst goes to get it . Dacey follows behind and hand gags her.Scene fades and amethyst is tied to a chair. Hands tied with rope to arm rests or behind back but hands are tied with rope.Her thighs are tied with rope and then her feet are resting on top of the top of another chair ( so her feet are propped up in the air) ankles tied with rope. She is out.Dacey starts to takes off her shoes and one of her socks, she puts the sock into a ball and puts it in tight and deep inside Amethysts mouth so it can't be seen. Then puts 3 pieces of neat silver duct tape over her mouth.Amethysts wakes up and is in shock. She says what the fuck through her gag. Amethyst still has one sock on. Dacey sits down on the chair that amethysts feet are propped onto the top of and starts to smell the barefoot. Dacey explains how she's been obsessed with amethysts feet and that now she is going to be her foot prisoner for at least the night. She explains to amethyst that she is going to lick her feet all night and soak her feet in saliva and make them super shiny and wet. Amethyst rolls her eyes and moans through the gag calling her a fucking psycho . She calls Dacey a psycho a lot throughout the video. And lots of eye rolling and mumbling under her gag.She smells and kisses amethysts barefoot and then gives a long lick. Amethyst moans in detest ! Dacey tells her to keep her feet still and that she's not going anywhere , "your feet are mine " she says. She then says look you have another one and takes off amethysts other sock slowly. She then starts to smell that one . Now that both feet are bare. She tells amethyst to relax and sit back. Because she isn't going anywhere and her feet are going to get soaked. Amethyst moans but knows she's helpless. She gives in and keeps her feet still. And allows them to be worshipped.Dacey starts licking and sucking on Amethyst's feet and toes now . Slobbers all over them. Amethyst moans the whole time and mumbles under her Gag calling her a psycho and a freak.Dacey throughout the video has Amethysts soles soaking wet and shiny. Like really wet. Amethyst hates it. She gets Amethyst to spread her toes wide so they can be sucked and sometimes gets her to scrunch her soles so the wrinkles can be licked. She also fits all of her toes into her mouth.Dacey then puts Amethysts feet onto a foot rest and continues to worship Amethysts feet in this new position where her feet are just resting on a foot rest. Sometimes amethyst tries toLater Dacey takes off amethysts tape gag and goes back to worshipping her feet. Amethyst spits out the sock in her mouth and continues to call her neighbour a psycho and a freak. Amethyst is really pissed off and hates what has happened with a passion she wants to call the police. Dacey continues to worship her feet without the gag in And explains how much she loves seeing amethysts feet all wet and shiny.Scene later fades and Amethyst is lying on her stomach. Dacey licks her the soles of her feet and then lifts her feet up into a hogtie position and sucks on her toes . Amethyst voice is annoying so she cleave gags amethyst with a white cloth. And continues to worship her feet and lick her soles in this hogtie position. Soaking her soles. She makes amethyst spread her toes wide so Dacey can lick and suck her toes. Amethyst screams and moans through her gag Frustrated.

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